John Adair

John Adair is acknowledged internationally as an authority on leadership. The world's first Professor of Leadership Studies, he advises many organizations in business, government, education, health and the voluntary sector. An effective speaker with a valuable message, he is one of the very few figures in recent years to have transformed the debate as to what effective leadership is all about.

John Adair

John has recently been made United Nations Chair of Strategic Leadership. Based in Turin, he has launched a strategic leadership programme in association with the UN. He has also received the Lifetime Achievement in Leadership Award and China has made him its first Honorary Professor of Leadership. The author of over 50 books, now in 25 languages, on leadership and management development, he continues to write and teach throughout the world, inspiring new audiences with his timeless and timely vision of leadership.

The Adair Leadership Academy is fully endorsed by John and is run in association with Procentus Consulting and their accredited partners throughout the Middle east and India. Its mission is to develop the true leadership potential of people in organisations.

Action Centered Leadership

John Adair’s Action Centered Leadership Model is a powerful learning experience for leaders within all organisations and his works have been instrumental in overturning the 'Great Man' theories of leadership.

Although John Adair is best known for his Three Circles Model, his work taken as a whole offers you a comprehensive, coherent and essentially practical philosophy of leadership and leadership development. It enables leaders to both become their best and to give their best to the growing world.

Generic Role

The philosophy revolves around the concept that there is such a thing as a generic role of leader. The role and responsibilities of a leader, in other words, are universal in: all working contexts, all fields of enterprise, and all levels of leadership.

The Three Circle Model symbolises it. What changes with level is the degree and extent of complexity, but not the underlying nature and role of leadership.

Levels of Leadership

John Adair’s distinction between three broad levels of leadership - team, operational and strategic - has been adopted throughout the world. He was the first person in the world to call for excellence at all three levels, and for good teamwork between them.

Leadership and Management

John Adair's concept of leadership also has the merit of relegating the old Leadership v Management debate to the scrapheap. The theory which he is renowned fully integrates Leadership and Management into one harmonious unity.

Latest publications

The Leadership of Muhammad

John Adairs latest book is another treasure of leadership insight.

The Leadership of Muhammad is a study of the life story and leadership skills of the Prophet. John Adair served with a Bedouin regiment in the Arab Legion and this book is full of the fascinating detail of Bedouin culture, highlighting the key leadership skills displayed by Muhammad.

The Leadership of Muhammad

The Leadership of Muhammad is a very personal study of the life-story and leadership skills of the Prophet. John Adair served with a Bedouin regiment in the Arab Legion and this story is full of fascinating detail of desert life and Bedouin beliefs.

A business book that crosses boundaries, it highlights the key leadership skills displayed by Muhammad and allows you to share in his wisdom. John Adair weaves the story of Muhammad's life together with aspects of Bedouin culture and ancient proverbs to provide key points for leaders and aspiring leaders.

He discusses tribal leadership and essential attributes such as integrity, moral authority and humility.

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